Happy & Healthy Lifestyles

Manor Retirement has provided secure and affordable retirement living since 2007.  

We offer a variety of accommodation at Riverside Manor (Sunninghill) and Lonehill Manor (Lonehill) to meet individual requirements: freehold houses, apartments, assisted living suites and private frail care rooms. We provide attentive care and personal support to ensure that our residents’ changing needs are always met.  

Manor Retirement’s philosophy emphasizes that our service delivery and care should at all times be kind, thorough, and professional—a philosophy which is underpinned by the commitment of our operator, management teams and all staff members at our villages.  

We focus on creating meaningful and caring relationships!

Riverside Manor and Lonehill Manor Retirement villages

Manor Retirement fosters respect, trust, and mutually beneficial relationships with our residents and their families.
Our villages provide personalised, top-quality medical care in state-of-the-art facilities. 

We are dedicated to providing a service that supports and sustains the health and happiness of our residents!

The Operator – Tophill Properties 

For thirteen years, the operator has provided the expertise necessary for the successful operation and management of Riverside Manor Retirement Village and more recently Lonehill Manor Retirement Village.

The Operator provides the following:

  • Controlled levies to support our residents’ financial planning.
  • The Collection of monthly levies.
  • Arranging and maintaining the insurances for each village.
  • The highest level of security 24/7.
  • Maintenance and improvement of communal gardens/areas and buildings.  
  • The management of Assisted Living Care and Frail Care 24/7.
  • Restaurant catering as well as catering for individual “take-a-way” meals.
  • Bookkeeping records, books of accounts and auditing services of the villages.
  • Providing budgets ahead of time to properly manage the financial affairs of the villages.

The operator’s management philosophy is based on providing exceptional care while supporting the happy and healthy lifestyles of our residents. 

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