Assisted Living Suites

26 Assisted Living Suites – Health Care Centre

Riverside Manor Assisted Living Suites cater for the comprehensive wellbeing of our residents.

Assisted Living residents might be in poor health or might just need additional assistance to maintain their daily routine. Whatever the case, assisted living provides all the support that they might require.

Each spacious suite allows for privacy and independence while ensuring the availability of quality care. Exceptional nursing staff are on-hand 24/7 and each room has a personal panic button enabling an immediate response in the case of an emergency.

Assisted Living Suites comprise of a spacious bedroom with en suite bathroom, lounge/dining area, and kitchenette. Residents are encouraged to furnish their own suite so as to create a home which will express their unique taste and house furniture and personal items that are meaningful to them.

Breakfast, tea, lunch and supper are provided every day. Residents, friends or family often come together to enjoy one another’s company in one of our lovely dining rooms. Alternatively, residents may choose to have their meals delivered to their personal suites

Assisted Living is designed to provide a sense of confidence and comfort to our residents and their loved ones!

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